Thursday, November 10, 2011

FIDM, Los Angeles- First Quarter Work Displayed in Main Building until January 2012

Anyone who has walked around a FIDM Los Angeles campus knows that it is inspiring and electric.  When I applied to FIDM I knew, the moment that I walked through the doors, that I found my place.  There is evidence of the talent everywhere you look.  The students display their style in their amazing and, sometimes, over the top, fashion.  Student work is displayed in casing and one feels as if they are in an art gallery.  The day I interviewed at FIDM I remember thinking how lucky those students were to have their work displayed, and how talented they were.  Only a few students are selected out of thousands and I felt like it would be such an honor to ever be placed among such talent.
You can imagine, then, how ecstatic I was when I received a phone call shortly after finishing my first quarter at FIDM.  They wanted to display one of my first quarter projects on the 4th floor of the main FIDM building in downtown Los Angeles.  The project was to design a beach house getaway for our client.  Below is one out of the five boards submitted.
FIDM Los Angeles Campus 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cole Barnett Featured in FIDM Magazine and FIDM Blog!

 Upon being accepted into FIDM, the school did a write up on my experiences as a fine art major and elementary school teacher before becoming an interior designer.  I was featured  in both the FIDM magazine and FIDM blog that goes out to students at all four campuses!  

FIDM Magazine