Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Determine Your Interior Design Style- Different Bed Syles and Perfecting a Master Bedroom Remodel

There are many different styles of headboards and beds that a client can choose from.  It is important to figure out which style best suits your style AND your needs.  A bed is important for the obvious reasons.... providing a dreamy night's sleep.  However, the bed is also an important focal point in the room that can provide interest, fun, drama, and personality.  

Here are some of my favorite types of beds. 


Upholstered beds can come in different shapes and sizes.  My personal favorites are headboards that are custom designed specifically for the client.  We choose the shape, size, and fabric along with details such as nail-head trim, button tufting, welts (a fancy word for trim), foot-board, bed frame, etc.  The possibilities are endless.   

A bright, solid -colored fabric makes these rooms pop.  The bed on the left features buttons and light colored welting.  The bed on the right has a white border with nail-head details.   

Curved with fabric upholstery and wood trim.
Curved with nail-heads
Rectangular straight nail-head upholstered headboard and base board with exposed wooden legs.  
 Upholstered wing-back headboard with upholstered base board. 


 Curved with nail-heads
Curved graphic upholstered headboard

Wing-back headboards. The bed on the right features an upholstered foot board, whereas the bed on the left features an upholstered baseboard.


Four poster beds can, often times, also function as canopy beds.  They can be tall or short, dark or light, embellished or streamline.  They are a great way to add architectural interest to a simple room.

 Painted four poster beds add fun and personality to the space. 


A simple wood frame four poster bed is simple but packs a big punch.  Fabric can be added to the frame to create a more luxurious and softer feeling.


Wood framed beds are simple but classic.  They can be rustic or contemporary.  Clean- lined or ethnic.  The beauty of a wood framed bed is that it can easily adapt to any space.  

These beds transform a room into a shabby chic retreat.  They also look great paired with laid back coastal colors and fabrics.  


In small spaces, a bed is the perfect place to add hidden storage.