Thursday, December 13, 2012

Veramonte Living Room Remodel- Residential Interior Design by Cole Barnett

Design challenge! 
This client initially hired me to design his new office space (in the works).  He moved into a new home on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and we spent a few dizzying days getting the space ready so that he could host his family and friends.  We met for the first time on a Friday, I space planned on Saturday, shopped Sunday, and installed on Monday and Tuesday. 
We have three gorgeous chandeliers that will be hung in the dining room and entry living room and we didn't have time to hang the curtains.
The client was clearly on a tight timeline but, they were also on a tight budget. Even though we are waiting on photographs of the finished space, I am still loving the improvements. 
I really like seeing the "Before and After" interior design photos.  You can really see how color can change a space.  We actually added more furniture to make the space feel larger.  It seems counter-intuitive but it made the space feel more balanced and therefore, it feels larger.  I also really like to place large artwork on the wall to open the space up.  

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